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Introductory Meeting

An initial meeting is held with you to seek alignment on the project vision and scope.


On-site Assessment and Evaluation

Our team reviews the available space and identifies any constraints.


Proposal and Costing

Based on the assessment and evaluation, our team prepares a proposal detailing BEGREEN™ greenhouse design, assets to be integrated, estimated costs, and timeline based on the project requirements. In addition, our team provides key farm estimates including Capital Expenditure (CapEx), Operating Expenditure (OpEx), projected yield, and more. 


Proposal Acceptance and Structural Drawings

Once the proposal is accepted by you, our team prepares the detailed design drawings for your approval.


Regulatory Submissions

Once the design drawings are approved by you, our team begins submitting approval documents to relevant building and safety authorities.  


Greenhouse Construction

Upon obtaining the relevant approvals, our team begins construction of the BEGREEN™ greenhouse structure. Construction will conclude within 1 to 3 months.


Installation of Farm Assets

Once the BEGREEN™ greenhouse structure is complete, our team installs the farm assets as per your requirements. Installation will conclude within 3 to 6 months from the date of regulatory submissions approval. 


Configuration of PROFUS™ within BEGREEN™ module

Once farm assets are installed, our team finalises the PROFUS™ setup and configures user roles. At this point, B-GROWTH™ and B-OPS™ services will begin if applicable. 


Site Acceptance and Handover

The BEGREEN™ module is now fully deployed. Unlike other tech providers,  BECO Verdant will be on-site to grow the first cycle of crops together with you. Upon the success of first harvest, the site acceptance test is deemed complete. Onging support will be provided through B-GROWTH™ and B-OPS™.


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