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Meet Our CEO

Benjamin Swan

Our founder and CEO is Benjamin Swan: an industry thought leader and innovator in agri-tech and plant science with over 10 years of experience as an agri-tech entrepreneur.


Ben co-founded Sustenir Agriculture, Asia’s pioneering indoor vertical farm. While at Sustenir, Ben designed Sustenir’s patented growing techniques and technology.


Trained as a construction engineer, Ben initially moved to Singapore in 2008 to build Marina Bay Sands. During that time, he began experimenting with Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) to grow salad leaves for personal consumption. Eventually, the knowledge Ben gained led him to found Sustenir Agriculture in 2014, providing consumers with nutritious produce while displacing imports (thus reducing food waste and emissions from long haul logistics).


Following the success of Sustenir, Ben stepped down as CEO and founded BECO Verdant. Through BECO, Ben aims to empower smallholder farms to unlock greater profitability and productivity by providing access to standardised, scalable, CEA greenhouse technologies. 

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Our Management Team

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Chin Kah Fai

Managing Director

Deep Generalist with strong background in venture building and a passion for leveraging technology to drive business growth.


Co-founder of Structo3D, a global 3D printer and automation startup. Designed patented 3D printing techniques for dental applications. 


Over 10 years of experience in engineering and product development.


Sanghmitra Singh

Associate Director, Software  

Engineering all-star with strong track record of managing software products.


Former Head of IT and Remote Connectivity Platform at Advanced Bio Machines. Other companies include GE Healthcare, Cardinal Health and Vela Diagnostics.


Over 20 years of experience in software engineering and project development.

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Ryan Lim

Assistant Manager, Partnerships   

Manages BECO’s partnerships with industry, IHLs, and government agencies.


Former Manager (International Relations) at Singapore Food Agency. Managed agri-food partnerships with various international food agency counterparts.

Yale-NUS College Global Affairs graduate.

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