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Centre of Excellence for Data-Driven Plant Science and Crop Recipes


With B-GROWTH™, gain access to a Centre of Excellence focused on helping smallholder farmers to maximize yields through proven plant science and data analytics.


Additionally, B-GROWTH™ provides regular growing recipe updates in PROFUS™.

The standardized, controlled growing environments of BEGREEN™ modules, combined with comprehensive data collected by PROFUS™ generates actionable insights applicable to multiple BEGREEN™ modules growing the same crops.

BECO Verdant takes these insights and uses them to develop optimal “growing recipes” for specific crops, as well as best practices for farm operations. 

The growing recipes will encompass all the key factors which contribute to optimal crop growth, such as light intensity, nutrient composition, and more. This will in turn empower you to maximize yield while controlling the taste and texture of your crops.

The best practices will include recommendations such as reducing OpEx by decreasing lighting intensity at various times of day without compromising crop quality and output. 

By subscribing to B-GROWTH™, you’ll gain access to these proven growing recipes and best practices to further optimize your own farm operations. 


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