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Profitable Greenhouse for Smallholder Farms

BECO Verdant builds greenhouses integrated with all equipment you need that will maximize your farm profitability.

Everything you need.

Welcome to BECO Verdant, where we transform smallhold farms through our standardized greenhouse module solutions. With BECO Verdant, you gain access to standardized farm assets, comprehensive training programs, and unwavering technical support. 

Why Choose Us?

  • My farm has low/inconsistent yield.
    At our greenhouse trial in Maldives, we achieved a consistent 4.5x yield increase compared to traditional greenhouses. Our BEGREEN™ standardized greenhouse module offers a game-changing solution by integrating everything needed for a profitable smart farm and more. Our greenhouse structures, crop monitoring software, hydroponics system, lighting, CO2 enrichment, temperature control, irrigation, and other crucial components are seamlessly unified into a single system. Our key differentiating factor lies in the completeness of our solution, which is often where our competitors fall short. We believe that the complete integration of all these elements is the way to solve issues of low/inconsistent yield.
  • Smart greenhouse technologies are too complex, and I don't know which hardware/software to choose.
    Having been farmers ourselves, we are acutely aware of the challenges faced by smallholder farms when it comes to selecting the right equipment and parameters for your specific desired crops. All equipment within the BEGREEN™ greenhouse is standardized, modular and scalable. Tell us your site plan, desired crop types and yield targets - we'll handle the rest for you.
  • Operating a smart greenhouse requires technical knowledge that I don't have.
    Our comprehensive products and services include not just the greenhouse itself, but also: - Cutting edge analytics software that simplifies operations. - A center of excellence to curate the best "crop recipe" (best practices, combinations of raw materials, equipment, and other relevant information for maximum crop yield, quality, and sustainability) for you. - Farm management services, if you need it. Post-construction, we will work with you on-site until your yield targets are consistently met within your BEGREEN™ greenhouse. We'll never be too far away from where your greenhouse is, so we can come over immediately to solve any issues you might face.
  • With the prospect of increased yields, I am worried about my offtake agreements. If there's no one to buy, there's no point increasing my yield with BEGREEN™.
    Through our B-OPS™ service, we can serve as your extended management team to negotiate not just offtake agreements with major supermarket chains, but also any upstream materials supply agreement you may need to maximize your profitability.
Current CEA farm model is not working, and we think we know why. We develop our products and services to solve the pain-points faced by smallholder farms highlighted below.

What You Get

Worry-Free Construction

Construction department dedicated to monitoring the progress of your project.

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Profitability First

Curated crop recipe and extended management support offered by us to maximize profitability.

Immediate Onsite Support

No downtime at your greenhouse no matter where you are.

Our Solutions

Products - BEGREEN GH HD_edited.png

All-in-one smart greenhouse module.

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Monitoring software for worry-free crop growth


Curated crop recipe to maximise your yield.


We manage the farm for you so that you don't have to.

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COMING SOON - Financing services for smallholders.

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